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30-Day Clinical Research Study

The study requires children 12 - 24 months. Mothers simply take pictures of their child's stool in soiled diapers. Then, send the photos via our private application to researchers. 

Will I Be Compensated for Participating?

Yes! Participants who complete the study will receive a $100 Amazon giftcard. That's a lot of FREE diapers to replace the old, dirty ones you showed us!


What Do I Have to Do?

Take Pics of Used Diapers

The research project requires pictures of your baby's stools. You'll be provided a secure app by which you'll send photos of your child's soiled diapers to the research team. Neither your child's nor your personal information will be shared.


Do I need medical records?

No. You don't need to provide your personal medical records, or those of your child.


How long is the study?

This study requires you to participate for 30 consecutive days.


When am I compensated?

You'll be compensated at the end of the 30 days, if you've provided the photos.

Easy & Convenient

No Office Visits

This is a digital clinical study—everything will be executed remotely and you'll never need to travel to a clinic. You'll use a unique mobile app called ClaimIt. ClaimIt can be installed on both iPhone and Android devices.


Who is conducting the study?

ObvioHealth is dedicated to helping healthcare companies conduct clinical studies so new medications, treatments or devices can be approved for market use.


What is the ClaimIt app and how does it work?

ClaimIt is ObvioHealth's digital platform. ClaimIt utilizes a mobile app interface to execute clinical trials. You'll be able to submit the photos of your baby's soiled diapers through the app. 


Will the app work on my mobile device?

If you use an iPhone or Android device, you'll will be able to install the app. ObvioHealth will email you a link to download the free app from either the App Store or the Google Play Store. 

Complete the Form Below to Register

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Please note: ObvioHealth may store your data in a confidential and secure database. That personal information will never be shared or sold with any other persons or organizations not associated with ObvioHealth. ObvioHealth may/will use personal information to contact you directly by phone and/or email for matters related to potential participation in clinical trials for which the potential subject may qualify.